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ON-Line Project Management Tool

We not only realize how important your project is to you, but also how important your time is,which is why we offer complete solution from planning to completion.

Powerful on-line project management database which serves as the centerpiece of each IN-STALL project

  • Order generation/processing
  • Operation management
  • Order tracking/reporting
  • Invoicing
  • Project status
  • Service and invoice histories

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Retail & Restaurant

Products vie for visibility on store shelves crowded with competing brands. How do you ensure your brand captures the attention of shoppers? How do you engage consumers and influence their purchase decisions, where and when it matters most?

Listed below are some application examples:

  • Dramatically increase sales with a digital signage “End-Cap TV” network
  • Attract and influence consumers right at their “point of decision”
  • Automatically train sales staff during store off-hours
  • Create and schedule playlists for specific market demographics
  • Manage all digital signs remotely over the internet from your web browser
  • With Touch Screen option, gain interactive consumer feedback
  • Since several years Digital Signage imposed itself in the retail industry

  • Competition is ever growing and this calls for differentiation
  • More than 50% of sales decisions are taken on the retail floor, hence the importancy of creating a real shopping experience triggering the customers impulse to buy products or services
  • Traditional media have a higher cost and overhead and offer less flexibility and efficiency.
  • Digital Signage increases revenue at reduced communication and promotional cost
  • Central or decentralized management of promotional campaigns on national, regional or local level
  • Management of targeted campaigns depending type of POS, demographic profile of customers, strategic priorities, time of day, local language.
  • Creation of Management profiles with specific rights to follow the internal hierarchy and maintain control on different levels (location, screens, media files & validation, playlists..)
  • Integration of all types of external applications such as stock control. Ability to launch promotions (or withdraw promotions) in function of in-store or regional/national stock levels
  • Use interactive kiosks to allow customers to consult products and promotions, use electronic coupons or handle credit card payments
  • The use of Digital Signage in Fast Food chains is increasing evermore. This technology allows to efficiently respond to the following bottlenecks:

  • Lack of flexibility: price changes, promotion campaigns, Multi site and network management
  • High cost of display using traditional (printed) media and its distribution cost
  • Increasing competition and need to differentiate
  • Possibility to delegate the content management totally or partly on local level by creating specific manager profiles